Mangrove Tour – 3 Hours (Private)


This tour are not available from 05/06/2019 until 07/06/2019 because of idul fitri holiday.

This is a private tour priced for a maximum of 12 persons per boat. Tour start at Kilim Jetty, Kilim Jetty located at north of Langkawi.

A typically tour includes the following activities listed below.

** Package does not include Transfer, Tour Guide or Lunch

Please make booking 1 day before booking date, last booking are at 10:30 PM.

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Langkawi Mangrove Tour Activities


Mangrove Forest, Floating Fish Farm, Bat Cave, Crocodile Cave, Eagle Feeding, Swimming at private beach, Geopark Icon

* min 2, max 12 persons for one boat
** Package does not include Transfer, Tour Guide or Lunch

Mangrove Forest Cruise
Cruise and discover the amazing environment of the mangrove forest reserve via boat and learn about its ecology, therapeutic plants, migratory birds and role in nursing juvenile marine life. Langkawi’s coastal zone are fringed with extensive mangrove forests creating habitats for long-tailed macaque, duskly leaf monkey, squirrels and other mammals. Bird such as eagles and herons, reptiles including lizards, crocodiles and reticulated python and more than 40 species of fishes.

Floating Fish Farm
Visit a local floating fish farm that employs modern fish farming techniques. Our boat will drop you off at the floating fish farm in a secluded cove surrounded by high vertical limestone and granite cliffs.

You may end up hand-feeding the rays. There are also a number of sea creatures kept at the farm where you might not have the opportunity to see in real life.

Gua Kelawar – Bats Cave
The Bat Caves (Gua Kelawar) is where you are in for one of the freakiest natural experiences of your life. Feel the wind of hundreds of bats flying around and close to you. This is one of the more intense experience you will have during your stay in Langkawi.

Eagle feeding
During your tour, eagle feeding may be part of the itinerary. This takes place in a small cove set aside for eagle feeding.

The feeding starts when the boat begins circling the cove while revving its engine. This sounds the dinner bell for the eagles.

Crocodile Cave
Situated in Kilim, Crocodile Cave is a natural tunnel carved into the limestone by an underground stream that once flowed in this area. Now the tunnel turns . The river flows right through the arched entrance into a beautiful cave and at low tide, a small boat can navigate from one side through to the other.